Spanish Language Courses 

At WLIS we believe that real learning is not simply confined to memorizing a series of grammatical facts isolated from their context and the surrounding world. So, we focus on the development of the communication and speaking skills, which are the best way to learn a language. Our Spanish school wishes to immerse students in the Spanish culture through the most modern and effective teaching methods. At the same time, we prepare students for real intercultural communication. We offer the following wide range of Spanish language programs that emphasize the participant’s ability to communicate.

The registration fee is 95€ and includes:

·       Welcome pack with the school brochure
·       Spanish Skill Level Test and exams during the course
·       Extra complementary material that the student needs in class
·       Cultural and linguistic immersion activities
·       Wi-Fi
·       Access to the study and reading room
·       E-books, books and films for loan
·       Attendance certificate
The price for the textbook is 25€, includes a CD with all the listening. It is obligatory for all the courses except for the online course and private lessons.